American Crew – hair care for men

American Crew – hair care for men

Ancient Roman emperorsAncient Egyptian pharaohsHistory tells us men have always taken pride in their hair.

The Ancient Egyptian pharaohs wore lavish and extravagant headdresses and wigs. Ancient Roman emperors sported beautiful floral headdresses and there was a hierarchy according to hair length amongst men with those in higher stature wearing their hair longer. Eventually men began adopting shorter, more groomed hair, with beards and long hair considered a symbol of Paganism by the Church. Beards and moustaches were banned and it was rare to see them again until 15th century.

King Louis XIV of France

The Renaissance period of freedom and revolution was reflected in people’s appearance. Men had a choice to wear beards and moustaches and many favoured a short beard, styled with waxes. Some even wore presses at night to hold their beards in shape. Wig wearing become popular during this era thanks to King Louis XIV of France.


In the early 19th century men’s hair was disordered and natural, inkeeping with the Romanticism movement but beards and moustaches were rarely seen. Later, as the Victorian age arrived, long hair, big moustaches and beards and sideburns were the norm. The moustache faded out, leaving the iconic sideburns attached to a short beard look, as seen on Abraham Lincoln. By the end of the era, hair was worn short but beards and moustaches were very common once again. At this time different oils and waxes were being used more and more to hold hair in shape. Coincidently, it was around this time that first Gillette razor, modern day beauty salon, hair dryer, master barber tradition and hair product advertisements all appeared.

Rudolph_Valentino_1920s Cream_Clapton_Bruce_Baker_1960s

In the last 100 years alone we’ve seen a pendulum of styles, from early 20th century clean shaven, short hair in the 20s and 30s, to more relaxed hippie looks in the 60s and 70s through to the 80s skinhead, mohawk, perm and mullet.

Whilst the history books show us that men have always been conscious of their hair and appearance, it’s probably fair to say that the 21st century has seen the most significant shift in male grooming habits. After the traditional neighbourhood barber shop prominence died out for a while during the latter years of the last century, men are back! So say male grooming giants American Crew, Official Supplier to Men™.

With the rise of the metro-sexual, men’s hair care is now more important than ever. We need only look online, in magazines, on TV shows and even on the high street; vast numbers of men, of all ages, are now taking better care of themselves than ever!

To meet these demands for high styling, whether it be to achieve a sleek, polished look like David Beckham or Gary Barlow, a high quiff like Alex Turner or beard grooming on the likes of Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Jackman, American Crew boast a range of more than 40 products spanning hair and body, shave and style.

American Crew Classic 3in1At Taylor Hughes we stock many American Crew items and also use them in the salon on our male clients.

If you’re a busy man, American Crew Classic 3in1 is a great choice. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash in one, perfect for on-the-go men. At home, at the gym, a business trip or weekend away; one bottle, three uses. For a specific scalp treatment the Classic Anti-Dandruff Shampoo cleans your hair whilst soothing the itch and preventing flaking.

American Crew Classic SuperglueWhatever hairstyle you want to wear the American Crew gel range offers perfect hold. Available in Light, Medium and Firm strengths they will ensure your hair stays in place from morning til night. If you need a more powerful fix, American Crew Classic Superglue will assist you in creating extreme styles with high hold, high shine and high definition. For the best possible finish choose American Crew Boost Powder to give hair lift, thickness and a matte touch.

american-crew-shaveAlthough we’re not a dedicated barber shop and don’t offer professional male shaving, we do stock the American Crew Shave range in our online shop. With a moisturising shaving cream, cooling post-shave lotion and more, the high-end products offer a touch of luxury to your daily shaving routine.

Not just a brand, but a lifestyle, American Crew’s commitment to men’s grooming means they have all bases covered.

Fancy trying these products for yourself? Browse our online shop, where many items are discounted. You can click for delivery or collect in the salon. Call us on 01484 353 498 or email with any questions.

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